Distractions Dissarrnged

In today’s instant gratification world, attention and awareness are constantly being split. It’s gotten to the point where almost everybody has the attention span of a small child.

With a weak attention span and knowledge of how to focus, distractions can quickly run anybody’s life. There are exceptions to the rule, though. For example, when someone has a complete passion for what they’re doing, time seems almost irrelevant.

So what is a distraction?

Basically, it’s separation in one’s focus. In most cases, they come in the form of events in the surrounding environment or a loss of being present in action.

These wedges that split attention are culprits that steal your awareness and put it on something else. Humans have a one track mind. We are most effective when we are focused on one thing at a time.

In today’s video I talk a little bit about the ‘value’ that steals our awareness and the governing system in our brain that directs our selective focus.

So just a quick recap:

It’s our value system that dictates our train of thought and emotions; which, in turn, directs our focus.

Learning to shift and hold our awareness over time is what helps us eliminate that which distracts us.

Self-observation and self-regulation are the catalysts for taking control of our awareness.

Distractions are completely in our control. Our environment may be objective, but our interpretations of the external stimuli and emotions are completely subjective.

Making your actions more engaging to yourself will bring presence back into what you’re doing.

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