Get Into The Mind Of A Self-Directed Learner

Every archetype has their own view of the world. Optimists view life in terms of the glass being half full. Narcissists believe the universe revolves around them.

Let’s take a look into the reality of a self-directed learner.

Self-directed learners see the world in terms of possibilities. Where others see problems, we see opportunities for growth. The world is a veritable pearl patiently waiting to be plucked from the oyster that houses it. Set deep in the contents of our mind are models of the world that we often access to discover new truths and adapt to this frequently changing world.

Even if only a few of our core beliefs were adopted by the common individual, their design for life would drastically change. If you hope to actualize your greatest potentials go ahead and watch the video below.



These paradigms are only a glimpse through the looking glass.

Self-directed learners possess hundreds of models to sort through for prosperity. These ways of thinking are characterized by curiosity, drive, and creativity. Evolution has taken an interesting turn in technology used to support the human race. Our primitive thoughts and tools have graduated to become much more complex modes of being and doing.

Because adaptationists are constantly growing, today’s insights are tomorrow’s old news. If the past is objectively looked upon, measurable results can be seen over the span of our existence. Where fire kept us warm and gave us light; we now use electric lamps and heaters. Psychoanalysis replaced lobotomies. Evolution is inevitable. Where are you while it’s happening?

Self-Directed learners meta-evolve or evolve evolution. Intelligent design has been recognized and emulated.

Step into the skin of a self-directed learner. Create methodologies that hack away the time it takes for growth.

Learning is never over. Processes can always become refined and scaled. Continue your education.

Paradigms of a Self-Directed Learner

-Learning is constant

-Lessons are everywhere.

-Your brain is designed to evolve

-Everyone has experience you don’t

-Successful models work better together

-Self-Directed Learners actively seek truth

-Self-Directed Learners are never afraid to be wrong and frequently admit it.

– Intelligence and Education is the ultimate good. It can never be depleted

– Mastery is never over

– Live a life of your own design

Feel free to comment below and add your own. We are always welcome to new ideas.






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